Company’s Mission
The company's mission is to transform your production waste in the "clean capital".
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Environmental Care
By cooperating with “Brovary Vtorma” you will contribute to the protection of the environment.
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“Brovary Vtorma” company employs only professionals! We are truly proud of our work.
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Our experts will select the most effective range of services in the field of waste management for your company that will optimize workflows and increase your profits.
About Company

“Brovary Vtorma” is a specialized processing plant, which provides a comprehensive approach in waste management. Our company has a warehouse and production space, specialized equipment for handling waste, fleet vehiclesand a staff of skilled workers.

Our main aim is to provide a comprehensive customer service in the field of waste management (resources) of the enterprise, based on clean production...

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Available Services:

Separate Waste Collection

Separate collection is the "Brovary Vtorma" company's service on collecting and separation of the solid household waste.

The purpose of the "separate collection" service of the "Brovary Vtorma" company…
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Company news
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