Separate Collection

Separate collection is the "Brovary Vtorma" company's service on collecting and separation of the solid household waste.

According to scientists about a half of a ton of garbage is generated per year by every person on Earth. And if all the accumulated garbage for the year would be dumped in one heap instead of disposing it, then a mountain like the Everest (8842 m) would have formed. It is not surprising that today waste recycling is a real need for the inhabitants of Earth. The first and one of the important stages in the process of recycling is the separate collection of waste.

The purpose of the "separate collection" service of the "Brovary Vtorma" company is in the installing of separate waste collection containers provided by our company on your territory for free.


Why do you need it?

Firstly, you reduce the harmful effect on the environment.

Secondly, you are increasing the percentage of waste suitable for recycling, while preventing decomposition, rotting and burning of mixed waste in landfills.

Thirdly, you save up to 50% of your funds for waste disposal.

In addition, we will teach you to do waste sorting correctly by conducting training of separate waste collection for your staff using the author's educational program. The training program has no age limit (starting from school and ending up with retirement age).


When ordering service "separate collection", you get:


1. Informational support of the "Brovary VTORMA" company for recycling of the secondary raw materials and industrial waste


We provide operational information and educational consultations on recycling of your company's waste.



2. Complex service of the "Brovary VTORMA" company in gathering and sending of sorted waste for further recycling or reuse




We will install our own production modern specialized containers "grid" in your company.

We will take the separated waste from the territory of your company at the agreed time.

The collected waste will be finally sorted out and prepared for shipment to recycling or reuse depending on the type of waste.


3. Guarantee of "Brovary Vtorma" company that waste will be additionally sorted and sent for recycling


We guarantee that the waste will be sorted right and sent to specialized plants for certain types of secondary raw materials recycling.



Lessons at school

Read more about the lessons in schools, in the article: “Розділити сміття у головах”