The Quality Control Department

First of all, Quality Control Department (QCD) is the highly skilled personnel of the "Brovary Vtorma" company which is responsible for the high quality of our product.

Equipment and measuring instruments are regularly calibrated according to the approved schedule. To perform quality control the QCD has developed the regulatory guidelines (TS).

Technical specifications developed by our company enable us to monitor, and you to see: the weight, date, name of the branch and employee responsible for the production.

The quality control system includes:

  1. Raw materials control (incoming inspection) - basic raw materials are monitored for compliance with the specifications.

  2. The production process control - checking the compliance with the requirements of technological regulations, quality control of intermediate products, the sanitary condition of premises and staff, microclimate control and cleanliness of production premises and equipment.

  3. The finished product control (acceptance inspection) - finished products receive permission to be sold only when the responsible person confirm that each batch of product has been manufactured and controlled in accordance with the technical specifications.